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Interview with the Author: Behind the Scenes of Mrs. Fuzzy

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing the talented author Ben Cable, who has recently captivated young hearts with his delightful children’s book, “Mrs. Fuzzy.” Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of Mrs. Fuzzy and discover the inspiration behind this beloved character.

Interviewer: Ben, thank you for joining us today. Could you tell us a little bit about your book, “Mrs. Fuzzy,” and what inspired you to write it?

Ben Cable: Thank you for having me! I am pleased to share my new children’s book, “Mrs. Fuzzy,” which revolves around the adventures of a sweet elderly lady named Mrs. Fuzzy. This book is one of the first few stories featuring this charming character.

The inspiration for Mrs. Fuzzy came from my adoptive mother, Shirley. Growing up in Connecticut, I have fond memories of her inviting neighborhood children to our home. She would spread out a cozy blanket on the lush green lawn and read to us with such warmth and enthusiasm. Those moments were filled with wonder and joy, and I wanted to capture that feeling in “Mrs. Fuzzy.”

Interviewer: How wonderful! It’s heartwarming to hear that Mrs. Fuzzy was inspired by your mother. Could you tell us more about Mrs. Fuzzy’s character and the unique traits that make her so special?

Ben Cable: Certainly! Mrs. Fuzzy is known in the village for her love of children and her eccentric ability to communicate with animals. She resides in a cozy cottage, nestled amidst a beautiful garden teeming with a variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. From her window, she witnesses a delightful sight – a gathering of animals from the village, all drawn to her kind presence.

Mrs. Fuzzy embodies qualities that I admired in my mother and other nurturing figures. She exudes warmth, kindness, and a genuine love for both children and animals. Through her interactions with the animal kingdom, she teaches children the importance of compassion, empathy, and respecting nature.

Interviewer: It sounds like Mrs. Fuzzy’s world is filled with enchantment and life lessons. Could you give us a glimpse into some of the magical experiences that readers can expect from your book?

Ben Cable: Absolutely! In “Mrs. Fuzzy,” readers will accompany Mrs. Fuzzy on her remarkable adventures. They will witness her heartwarming encounters with various animals, each with their unique personalities and stories to share. From conversing with wise owls to singing with chirpy birds and even dancing with playful rabbits, Mrs. Fuzzy’s interactions with the animal kingdom will spark the imagination of young readers.

Interviewer: That sounds delightful! Lastly, Ben, what do you hope children and their families take away from reading “Mrs. Fuzzy”?

Ben Cable: I hope that “Mrs. Fuzzy” brings the same sense of wonder and joy to readers as my mother brought to me and my friends during those cherished storytime moments. Through Mrs. Fuzzy’s adventures, children will learn the value of kindness, empathy, and the magical connection we share with nature and animals. I hope this book sparks their imagination, encourages them to explore the natural world, and inspires them to be compassionate individuals.

Interviewer: Thank you, Ben, for sharing your insights into the creation of “Mrs. Fuzzy.” We wish you all the success with your book, and may it continue to bring smiles and warmth to the hearts of young readers everywhere!


Inspired by his own mother’s love for storytelling, author Ben Cable has created a character that will captivate young readers and leave a lasting impression. Grab a copy of Mrs. Fuzzy available on Amazon today!